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Bridging the gap of traditional chromatic vocal music with more dissonant post-rock guitar work.
— Ear To The Ground
It’s fairly obvious that Moon Panda’s presence is not of the common kind and not too easy to categorize. Under the right circumstances, in little time it could be hard to top as well.
— Destroy//Exist
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Waveless Ep - Out Now

by Moon Panda

Moon panda

Having just moved from San Diego, CA to London - these two musicians create indie rock/pop music that combines a few unique styles. Bringing to mind artists such as Björk or Bon Iver while keeping a style that's all their own. Moon Panda uses dreamy soundscapes, electronically processed, lush harmonies, and dense hip hop style drums that weave through it all to create something not only intriguing but also heartfelt and genuine. "We want to show people a combination of genres that they've never seen before; combining folky, pensive lyrics, alien-esk electronic vocal production, and a bluesy hip hop groove. The kind of music you can subtly dance to while you cry.

Led by front woman Maddy Myers - vocalist, songwriter, and bassist - partnered with Gustav Moltke on guitar; Moon Panda will release their Debut EP Lotus Light in May 2017. 

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